Lane College National Alumni Association, Inc.
Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Executive Summary

The Lane College National Alumni Association (LCNAA) Strategic Planning Committee developed a Strategic Plan focusing on five core strategic initiatives that it believes is most important for the LCNAA to accomplish during the next five years. This plan does not provide direction at a granular level nor does it set timelines or identify the specific persons who should be involved. The expectation is that the LCNAA leadership team will assist in identifying individuals to serve as committee chairpersons who are willing to build out and lead committees in the work.

This plan is designed to move the LCNAA in a more structured and intentional direction.
Like any strategic plan, this will be an ongoing and never-ending project. There is no magical destination at which the LCNAA will arrive. Rather, consistent strategic planning is required to take the LCNAA to greater levels of effectiveness in the years to come.

This plan will help us reconnect Alumni to Lane and to each other, provide valued services to members and support Lane’s mission of developing the “whole student” concept.

Strategic Planning Committee Members

Voresa Booker – President, LCNAA
Onita Robertson – Vice President, LCNAA
Isaac Northern – National Treasurer
Helen Owen – Southeastern Region Vice President
Dr. Carmen Dance – President, Memphis Chapter
Tonya Cooper – President, Shelby County Chapter
Billy Godwin – President, Jackson Chapter
Opal Hay – President, Brownsville Chapter
Shaune’ Waller – National Communication Chair
Spencer Rollins – Member, Middle TN Chapter
Braylin Laster – Director, Alumni Affairs