You can become involved by attending Lane College-sponsored alumni functions, mentoring a Lane College prospective/current student, joining your local Lane College alumni chapter, encouraging other Lanites to become involved, and/or soliciting monetary contributions on behalf of our beloved Lane College. Lanites the “Power of Potential” resides within all of us!!!!! Let’s GET INVOLVED!!!!!


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Atlanta, GA (Metro)

Jay Harvey, President
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Chicago, IL

Marcus Bullock, President

Dallas, TX

Rodney Johnson, President
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Detroit, MI

Jean Potts, President

Fayette County, TN

Myles Wilson, President

Greater Shelby, TN

Tonya Cooper, President

Indianapolis, IN

Belvadine L. Willis, President

Jackson, TN

Billy Godwin, President

Memphis, TN

Dr. Carmen Earl Dance, President
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Middle Tennessee

Onita Robertson, President

Milwaukee, WI

Pamela Bolden, President

St. Louis, MO

Shaun Strong, President
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